Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh slow down!

I would just like to say how amazed I am with my 13 month old daughter! My sadness for her never being a baby again has been replaced with awe and excitment. I swear that everyday she does or says something new!

Today I was teaching her body parts while I slathered her down with lotion. I started with elbow, she attempted but the word was nothing close! Then "Knnnnnnn-eeeee". I tried to enunciate as much as possible and she said it in the most adorable baby voice. I love that she tries to copy words and actions. (I need to really watch what I say these days!) She is an adorable little sponge!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh how I love winter

Every January it's time for the Live Stock Show here in Fort Worth. Ever since I remember my family and I went annually. I remember mostly the cows. I am terrified of cows for a few reasons. The first bad experience I had was right after I graduated highschool. My brother and I went to my Great Aunt Glenda's house out in Springtown, TX. They owned quite a bit of land and had TONS of cows. We all went to feed the catfish in their stock ponds and were having a pretty good time until hundreds of cows started swarming around us. I tried to keep my cool and did pretty well until Glenda said, "I think we should get into the truck". I could tell she was worried, which in turn worried the heck out of me! Of course nothing happened, but it was scary.

Fast forward a few years. My Papa, cousins Duke and Casey, and I were trying to section off a calf so we could take him to the vet. My Papa tells me to go around to the back of the trailer and makes sure all the cows go one way. Off I go on my merry way when number 20 sees me and charges...yes way. I screamed and jumped into the truck. I'm positive they all got a good laugh out of it but I was scarred from then on.

When we would go to the Live Stock Show I loved seeing the cows. They're basically huge pets. I always saw the kids that owned them loving on them and cuddling them. If only that were the case with ALL cows.

My friend Emily and I took our little ones to the Live Stock Show on Sunday. I couldn't wait for Marlee to see all of the animals. The first thing we did was go to the petting zoo. There were Pygmy goats, bunnies, chickens, llamas, a calf, and a mini horse. We fed the goats and she was soooo excited. Petting all over them and squealing. I really hope that as she grows she stays excited to see and be around all types of animals and doesn't become a scaredy cat like her Mama!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh the sickness!

 Well our New Years plans were sideswiped by a cold. We ended up staying home instead of traveling because Pumpkin got a cold. And that little tiny cold turned into an ear infection and a sinus infection. OH JOY!

And now I have a little nugget that won't take more than a 20 minute nap because she can't breathe or her wonderful sleep is interrupted by a horrible cough. My heart aches for her. I just pray this antibiotic does it's job and my happy healthy baby returns!

Prayers are GREATLY accepted :)