Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have officially lost it

I put up the Christmas tree today. I do realize that it's only the end of the first week of November. But I can justify my actions, sort of...

Last year we were absolutely broke preparing for Pumpkin. Then while preparing she was unexpectidly here a week before Christmas. So we had no tree, no decorations. I was really upset about it. I know those things don't truly matter, it's just material things. It just so happens that I absolutely adore decorating for Christmas. I also love buying gifts for everyone. So here I am, 19 days before THANKSGIVING, decorating my house for Christmas.

I guess you could say I'm making up for last year. The tree isn't completely done, I still have to purchase a few key pieces, but I'm having a blast getting ready.

A preview of the partially done mantle:

(Sorry it's off centered!)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This is Pumpkin's first Halloween! I know she won't remember, but I'm all about establishing traditions.

She dressed up as a kitty and we went to the "Hoot 'N Howl" carnival at the park across the street. We didn't do much because it's definitely not for 10 month olds, but we did get a picture at the picture station. Luckily the extremely nice lady behind us in line offered to take a picture of all of us so I could actually be seen!

So technically she didn't trick-or-treat this year but she doesn't need the candy anyway (and neither do Scot or I!). Next year will be soooo much more fun!

I hope you all had a fantastic and safe Halloween!