Saturday, December 12, 2009

35 weeks

Five weeks to go...give or take some. I have to say that I'm DONE haha, very ready to not be pregnant anymore. This has been the most wonderful experience of my life. BUT I'm ready to hold Marlee Addisyn in my arms and kiss every square inch of her face!

We had a little scare on Thursday Dec. 10th. Marlee wasn't moving much, so I put a call in to the doctor. The on-call doctor told me to go to OB triage to be put on monitors to see what exactly was going on. As soon as they were on, she was everywhere. Go figure! But I was glad to know that she was ok. Her heart rate was in the 150s, which is great. My BP was higher than normal, which could have been due to stress of the situation. I've got swelling going on, too. Which is just the icing on the cake! =)

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