Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have some catching up to do

As we all know, being a mom is tough work! I would love to be able to blog everyday but it isn't realistic. Everyday Marlee does something different. I love it!!

On February 24th she rolled over! Granted she hasn't done it since, so it could have been a fluke happening. Regardless I let out a yell from being so excited.

This video only shows her rolling halfway over, but it's equally as exciting.

Here is another video, in it Marlee is talking to me...another exciting moment.

On Marlee's 1 month birthday Uncle Boyfriend (my sister's boyfriend, Greg) took pictures of her. He is a photography major and wanted to build up his portfolio for school. So naturally I let him take as many as he wants (it doesn't hurt to have great pictures taken of my baby girl!). Here are some of the ones he took and edited.

On February 22nd we went for Marlee's 2 month check up and shots. She was 10.14 lbs and 21.75 inches! She's getting so big, sometimes I can't believe it. The appointment went pretty well, she is growing great, her heart and lungs sound great. The only thing her pediatrician found wrong is possible hip displasia. We went for X-rays the next day and are waiting to hear the results. Please keep her in your T&Ps!

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