Monday, March 1, 2010

sleeping through the night

Marlee usually sleeps from 10pm-5am. It's really nice not having those super late night feedings. Since Monday the 22nd (after her 2 month vaccinations) she has had a crying fit usually around the same time of night. It lasts for around an hour to and hour and a half and it's exhausting. There is nothing that I can to do to help her; I just hold her and pat her back. Usually after the crying fit she passes out for a good 7 hours. The past two nights Marlee has not wanted to sleep. I know she is tired, it's to the point that her eyes are rolling back into her head, but she never gets into that deep sleep. She is fighting it whole heartedly!

Tonight is the first night in a while that Marlee has woken up for a feeding. She is fast asleep and here I am 4:30 in the morning. I knew that being a mom I would get less sleep, but why on Earth do I stay awake when I could be sleeping?!

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