Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick, sick, sick

Pumpkin got sick a little over two weeks ago. I took her to the doctor and he tested for strep; negative. Because it's viral we just have to wait it out. Well less than a week later my throat starts hurting...and it gets worse. Then the nasal congestion sets in. Pumpkin and I both get a fever off and on all weekend. So off to the doctor we went on Monday.

Turns out Pumpkin's cold is still viral but she now has a throat infection. I was really surprised to hear this seeing as she had no problems gulping down her bottles and was always smiling (just slightly fussier than normal). Once again it has to run it's course.

The verdict was the same at my appointment. No strep, just lots of mucous and a sore throat. I got a decongestant and some Motrin for the pain. He tells me to eat, drink, and rest...EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!

It's a day after the appointment and I already feel 50% better. My throat is slightly tender and the mucous is thinning out. Hopefully only a few more days of this and I'll be back to myself again.


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