Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two months away from a year

Pumpkin is now 10 months old. A lot happened while she was 9 months. She learned to clap, she learned to patty cake, she learned to crawl and pull up, and lastly she broke her two top front teeth. It felt like this past month was gone with a blink of the eyes.

I am planning her first birthday party for December 4, 2010. It is crazy to me that we're even close to the one year mark. Didn't I just give birth to this 5 pound baby girl? While I am excited to be planning her party, it really saddens me to think she will be one in less than 2 months. I get very emotional at the thought (I may or may not have been crying while typing this...) of her growing up.

I am excited to see the girl and woman she will become, but it's going too fast. I just want it to slow down a little! It makes me proud that her father and I brought such an amazing little girl into this world. That parts of us make up the best of her. I love her with all of my being!!!


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