Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life with a 1 year old

It's as exciting as you think (or know) it is. She has me all over the place! It's actually kind of funny, Pumpkin is the complete opposite with her dad, or Yaya...ok anyone other than me. She's so laid back with Scot. They can snuggle in his recliner for hours and she is completely content. With me, on the otherhand, she's always on the go! Crawling around getting into every toy she owns. Maybe I have taught her to do this, because we are always on the go to doctor appointments, shopping, grocery shopping, going to someone's house. Or maybe she just knows our schedule all too well and trys to get in her playtime before her naps!

I have been extremely blessed to have been surrounded by family since Pumpkin's birthday party. My mom stayed with us for a bit, we went to Mexia for Scot's family's Christmas party on the 18th, and then Scot's dad and step-mom (Shari) and my parents were here for Christmas. They have helped so much with Pumpkin; I got a nap or two!

This weekend we are traveling to Bennington, OK to spend some time with my Papa and his fiance. I haven't been up to stay since before Pumpkin was conceived! So this is a much overdue trip. It will be my first birthday spent with him in quite a while.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year! Be safe!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel--- Avery is everywhere & into everything for me, too!! AH!