Sunday, November 8, 2009

30 weeks

I cannot believe I only have 10 weeks (give or take) left!! Time has just flown by, which I didn't think would happen. But I am so glad Marlee is almost in my arms!! I can't wait to meet her and see her precious face. She isn't even here yet and I've never loved anyone like I love her.

Every monday we measure my belly, for obvious reasons. Last week we did it a day early, and my belly had grown 2 inches in 6 Marlee is going to be a chunker, I can see it now. I want her to be healthy, but slow it down in there!!

In the past 3 weeks I have already started nesting. I find this to be a really good thing. Scot and I have gotten so much done. We rearranged the bedroom to make it easier to put the bassinet/PnP next to my side of the bed. I like it this way so much better, it uses the space nicely. We also rearranged the living room, cleaned out Marlee's nursey, and cleaned all of the carpets in the house. After the shower Saturday the 14th we'll be able to get everything together!!

While nesting I also felt very creative, so I made a few things for the nursery.
 A bow hanger for all of her bows and letters for the wall above her crib.

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