Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A big 'ole update

Friday the 2nd was Marlee's first checkup since getting her harness. While we were waiting for our appointment, I met two familes who's little girls have the same issue as Marlee. It's nice meeting people who are going through the same thing. They were incredibly nice. Hopefully we will see them both again.

Doctor Herring came in to check out Mar's hip and said that it's in socket and feels great. Now isn't that reassuring?! We also got another harness because the first one is getting DIRTY. After her appointment we drove straight to Oklahoma.

It was so nice spending a few days with my parents. We didn't do anything excited for Easter. Saturday we went to see the Easter Bunny and my camera flipped out. So I got no pictures of her with the bunny. Oh well. Afterwards we went to see my Papa, Daylene, and Great Aunt Georgea (Marlee's Great Great Aunt). We had a pretty good time.
Marlee is such a ham! She is always so happy to meet new people. I hope she keeps this up the older she gets.

While we were gone I really started missing Scot. I'm not surprised at this, but I am surprised that it only took me 12 hrs to miss him! I was ready to go home the day after we arrived. I think the time apart (four days) really did our relationship some good. I couldn't wait to get home to him. It really put into perspective the important things in life. While I'm sure we will still bicker every now and then, I hope that we can put aside our differences and not aruge as much. I really love him with all of my heart and am willing to do whatever I have to to make him and I both happy!

Here are a few pictures from our Easter weekend:

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