Monday, May 31, 2010

I am on a mission

A friend of mine told me about Johnson & Johnson's new bath wash, Honey Apple.

It smells so YUMMY, seriously. I want to eat little Pumpkin once she's out of the bath!

The only bad thing...THERE ISN'T A LOTION to match!! I hate covering up that delicious smell with lavender....such a shame.

My mission, Ladies, is to find a matching lotion and wash in a yummy smell. If you know of any great baby products with this criteria, please please let me know about it!



  1. Oh man, I bet that smells wonderful! I will have to pick up some!

  2. Have you tried the California Baby stuff???

  3. I wonder why Johnson & Johnson didn't think of that...especially if the Honey Apple smells as good as it sounds. Their original product is in a matching smell isn't it? Their baby bath, baby powder and baby lotion all smell the same.


  4. I use J&J Sleepy Time Lavender on Ella Grace. Even when we aren't going to sleep :) I just love the way it smells :)