Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a weekend!

Thursday night Scot and I had date night. This is one thing I miss from the pre-baby days. We had tons of dates. I took those dates for granted. Now I cherish the alone time we have together. Even if it's just going out to eat and having a few drinks. Which is absolutely what we did. We missed our movie and spent our time talking. It was so nice.

We spent the day Friday as a family. We went to Academy for shoes for Scot, the 99 cent store for things we just couldn't live with out (basically junk haha), and the Farmers Market for a honey dew melon and blueberries. It was a very enjoyable day to say the least.

Saturday Pumpkin and I went to Little Elm to spend the day with Tina, Candace, and Carter (Pumpkin's boyfriend). I had such a good time!!! We just sat around and talked, had a few drinks, ate chex-mix (the best! I will share the recipe one day soon), and had roast for dinner. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y perfect day! They are such great ladies, I love them!

Today was the MOST important day of the weekend, though. Janie's (one of my best friends) sister graduated from high school. Haltom High School class of 2010! It was a wonderful ceremony. Pumpkin did great, except towards the end. People were hooting an hollering and it scared the heavens out of her. We are pretty loud around her, Roxie barks all of the time, but she is still a jumpy baby. It broke my heart how scared she got!! Poor little girl. Congratulations Stacey Pathammavong!!!!

While I'm blogging, here is a picture of Pumpkin...she was thuroughly enjoying her peas. Yum!


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