Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am a terrible blogger!

And I apologize. Until you become a mom, you really don't realize how hard it is to get things done! Somedays I feel like I am constantly playing catch-up!

As for the 7 meals a week, I did infact cook last night. And completely forgot to take pictures. It was a really simple dinner; Bacon Cheese Burgers with creamy cheesy rice and pork and beans...Yes it was a 5 star meal!

I am lucky if I get to eat a warm meal (it seems like Pumpkin knows everytime I'm about to sit down and enjoy myself) so I enjoy EASY cooking. Last night was exactly that. Frozen patties, fresh veggies, and a bun. Absolutely classic. And tastey...I really enjoy a good burger!

Tonight, on the other hand, I did not cook. GASP! Wait...I did PREPARE a meal though. I put some left over stew in a bowl and popped it in the microwave and constructed a smoked turkey wrap. It was a very simple fast meal, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The reason for the fast meal? I was sewing something very special for my baby girl. Yesterday I made her an adorable pillowcase dress.

And here is little Pumpkin checking it out

(Yes I am so proud of this little love muffin!)

So this morning I decided that I needed to make matching bloomers. An absolute must! And so it took me 2 hours of getting up and down to reinsert paci to finish the bloomers. I am please, but wish I would have added ruffles! Oh well, next time!

Today was such a nice day out, even with all the threatening rain clouds. Since I have been in a sewing mood, I decided I needed to search for vintage pillowcases to turn into cute dresses. I suggested a trip to the Goodwill and thrift store and Scot agreed. I found several cute pillowcases and a baby book Pumpkin should really enjoy.

I love days like this!

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  1. Bloomers have got to be one of my favorites for little girls. How adorable! The dress turned out so cute :)