Friday, March 26, 2010

my little froggy

We have been waiting for this day for a few weeks now. The Scottish Rite Hospital for Children has loomed in my thoughts since we found out Marlee's left hip has slight dysplasia. Now I want you to know, going into this I figured Marlee was completely fine and would need no treatment. I mean she's my child and utterly perfect. And the fact that we have been through a lot with this kid made me wish this even more.

Of course, we never get our way. We spent a total of three hours at the hospital. First we saw a resident who was extremely tall and definitely didn't lack in the "good looking" department...seriously he gives a good name to doctors! He acessed Marlee's hips and she was, of course, stubborn as could be. So to make absolutely sure what they were working with, he ordered an ultrasound.

An ultrasound was nothing new for us. The hospital, however, was and we got lost. After we finally found where we were going we went into an ultrasound room with a tech who's name slips my mind. As she started the ultrasound her phone rang. "Sure go ahead and answer it" BIG MISTAKE! That opened up the flood gates to her personal life to which I didn't care. She proceeded to tell me her son was in private school and she couldn't afford it because her husband of 25 years left her for a stripper, YES A STRIPPER. This lasted for a good 30 mins. Finally it was over and we were sent back to our room.

We were then greated by her doctor, Dr. Hering. He's an older man and definitely looks and sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He was followed by the tall handsome resident and another younger doctor who's name was Nick (he was a cutie too!). Dr. Hering said, "Marlee has an abnormality in her left hip that has the ability to easily slip out of socket. We will put her in a harness for 6 weeks. This treatment is 99% effective and we're expecting great results." My heart sank. While I was happy for the treatment and its effectiveness, I was sad to put Marlee through this. I know the routine all too well because my hips were out of socket when I was born. I went through the same ordeal only earlier in life.

A nurse and Dr. Nick showed me how to put the harness on her. She has to wear it for 23.5 hours a day. She gets 30 minutes of freedom a day. Every other day that 30 mins will go toward either her evening bath or tummy/freedom time. I pray that the next 6 weeks fly by for Marlee's sake!
Aside from our adventure today, my little stinker is 14 weeks old. Can you believe it?! She is growing so big and smiles all the time. She absolutely makes my day everyday. I love being a mom.

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