Friday, March 12, 2010

Transitioning to the crib: Day One

I have been meaning to transition Marlee to her crib for, lets say......a few weeks now! I really enjoy Marlee being in our room. I like the closeness of her sleeping in her bassinet. I like knowing I can walk a few feet away and there she is. Having said that, rule number one while I was pregnant was after Marlee was 3 months old she couldn't sleep in our room anymore. Scot and I were both adamant about this because it can cause bad habits, and we both want Marlee to be independant and enjoy her own room.

After Scot asking several times when I am going to transition her into her crib, I have finally decided it's time. It is currently nap time and Marlee's first attempt at sleeping in the crib. I set her in her sleep positioner on her side, turned on the radio to KISS FM, and turned on her seahorse. I have been in there twice to replace her paci two times since's 1:08! I am not looking for instant results (although that would be nice!), I know this is a work in progess.

Aside from the transition, Marlee is 12 weeks old today. It's unbelieveable that it's been that long since giving birth. I feels like yesterday that I first held her slimey little body. Now she is becoming her own person and developing such a personality. I love her so much!!!

Happy 12 weeks Marlee Addisyn!!!

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