Thursday, March 11, 2010


Since Marlee was born I feel like we have been to the doctor every week. Marlee was in the NICU for 6 days due to being 4 weeks premature and having lung issues. She was alsol born with a skin tag on the right side of her face near her ear, which was removed around 1 month. Then it was jaundice, we struggled with that for almost 3 weeks. I don't know how many follow up appointments we went to, but it was beyond enough. After jaundice it was an umbilical hernia and possible hip dysplasia. We went to get Xrays and an ultrasound on two different occassions. Two weeks later we get a call that her hips are fine...WONDERFUL!!! During the hip issues Marlee got clogged tear ducts. A week and 2 days later we go back for a follow up appointment and find out the medical assistant that called and gave us the good news about her hips READ THE DIAGNOSIS WRONG. She has hip displasia in her left hip and we are now being referred to the Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas.

Will it ever end? I feel it's like one thing after another.

And if that's not enough, our cat Chloe has a puncture wound in his nose. We took him to the vet yesterday and he is on a round of antibiotics. I am going back today to get more. He will not eat or drink, it makes me so sad. Keep all of us in your prayers, PLEASE.

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