Sunday, March 28, 2010

RIP swing and a lot of other mumbo jumbo

The swing that I so lovingly talked about a few posts back, died yesterday. I knew I'd have to change the batteries soon because it was moving kind of slow, but Marlee has only used it for about 3 weeks now! We replaced the batteries and it stood there...not swining...completely still. GREAT! So I made Scot go get a new one. Had I thought the idea through I would have gone myself. What did he come back with? A Winnie the Pooh swing.

Ok, I like Winnie the Pooh. It's cute, kids like it. But I personally don't want to decorate my house with Winnie the Pooh items. Putting that aside, the swing came with a plug, YES!!!!! No more batteries (even though we bought a huge pack of C batteries). Scot put it together and Marlee loved it.
Please don't let that face mislead you!

We are on day three of the harness. So far so good! She is still able to kick her legs out (which she does very often). AND I can put a blanket on her at night and it stays in the exact same position the whole 8 hours that she sleeps. HAHA! Last night was her first night of freedom. She gets 30 mins a day to be out of the harness. We used this time last night for a bath and a harness-free feeding. I was putting babyoil on her back and couldn't resist getting Scot to snap these pictures!

These actually take me back to my infant stage, I had so many booty pictures taken! Even looking at these I am overwhelmed with love for her!

Last night after Marlee went to bed I attempted my first project on my sewing machine. It was interesting to say the least. I attempted baby tights made from an old stretchy t-shirt. This project was very much trial an error because this was the firsrt time I've sewed in my life! It is not perfect, there are a few holes, and a I ran out of thread in the end. Here it is:

I'll continue to perfect it. They turned out kind of cute, don't you think?!

Here are a few pics I've snapped, enjoy!

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