Monday, March 8, 2010

What a weekend!

What busy bees we have been since Friday. Marle, Lora, and I went out to Little Elm to see Candace and Carter. He is absolutely precious. We ended up going to a mexican restaurant called Cristina's. All I have to say is DELICIOUS. It as nice being able to be with old friends and talk!

Saturday was Logan's birthday party. Emily was running a little behind so Marlee and I went to Kid to Kid to buy some bows. I found the cutest flower and headband. Obviously I had to buy it. It made me realize what my headbands were missing. It's supposed to be pulled together in the middle. So Once I find the time I am going to take some ribbon and finish the headbands.

And since we are on the topic of headbands! I bought Marlee quite a bit of stuff (for only $13!) from and I am so excited to recieve this package! I order a few flower clips and some colored headbands so we have a wider range of choices. I suggest checking it out if you have a little girl!

Back to the birthday was so much fun. It was hosted at this place in Colin Creek Mall called Amazing Jakes. I have never in my life seen such a place. it was $8 for all you can eat buffet, which consisted of pizza, salad, baked potatoes, pasta, soup, all sorts of deserts and beverages (even alocholic if that's your thing). All of the kids got unlimited games. They have a rock wall, miniture golf, and lazer tag and games galoure. The kids LOVED it. Once Marlee is older, I think we will have a birthday or two there, it's 10 times better than Chuck-E-Cheese.

After the birthday party Emily came over and we went to Hancock fabric and Joann's. We got some great deals. We bought Butterick patters 4 for $5! You cannot beat that when each pattern was normally $15.95. Emily picked out several diaper bag patterns and some purse patterns. I found some fabric to sew onto burp cloths for baby gifts. I am so excited to start this project. Here is the fabric.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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