Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is here!

As I write this, it's storming outside. Our first spring storm is upon us!!! Although In love winter, spring is my second favorite season. I enjoy the storms, especially the severe ones. There is something about a severe thunderstorm that gets your adrenaline going!

The past two days have been great. Yesterday we went to lunch with Scot's Dad. I don't look forward to our meetings. This might sound mean, but there is something about Scot's dad that rubs me the wrong way. Have you ever met that guy (old or young) who knows it all? Not only does he know it all, but you know nothing and he lets you know that. He has done and seen everything. If I ask a question or throw in some input he is quick to disagree or make me feel stupid. I now know where Scot gets it from. We have had many fights over the way he [Scot] reacts to my questions or comments. Infact when we are around his dad, I feel that Scot's attitude changes for the worse. It is very aggravating, but I tend to ignore it.

Aside from his dad's attitude we had a fairly good afternoon. At 5 I went to Kristin's to babysit Tanner and Grace. I brought Marlee along so they could finally meet her. They were amazed at how little she was. I don't think they understood why she wasn't their size! They "oooed and awwwed" for a while and Grace was very into helping and telling me that Marlee was hungry. I finally got home around 9:15, needless to say it was a long night. And to add to it, Marlee was incredibly cranky last night. She fell asleep in her swing and slept all night in her crib. She's such a big girl!

I babysat again today until 2 o'clock. Afterwards we went to Kid-to-Kid. I have been there once before to buy some bows, but haven't ever looked at their clothes selection. I found A LOT of stuff, but selected 4 things and only spent 11 dollars!!
Scot is a big Aggies fan, so when I found the Gig'Em onesie I had to get it. Lucky for me it was only $2.50! I figured it would make Scot's day if she wore it, so when we got home he was napping and I slipped it on her and we went to wake him up. He loved it! Except the ruffles; he seems to think girls don't need ruffles. I BEG TO DIFFER!

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